Covid-19 protocol

Security in the time of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Both the company and our employees comply with the protocols and set of preventive measures and good practices established by our occupational risk prevention services, as well as Food Management and Hygiene to safeguard the health of our workers and customers.

From Xócala we have implemented all possible safety and prevention protocols both in the preparation of our products and in the preparation of orders, both in the workshop and in the Popup store.

Home deliveries

The transport agencies we work with are still operating as normal (although full of work), so we ask for your patience as delivery times may be slightly longer than usual.

The people who will bring your order are instructed to keep contact with customers to an absolute minimum, so they are likely to leave the packages in front of her before ringing the bell, to protect both themselves and to you following the instructions of the health authorities. During this unusual period, customer identification will not be performed as it should be under normal circumstances.

If you prefer, you can choose a safe place where the carrier will leave your package if you can't open the front door, just write it down in the order notes. Carriers will honor shipping preferences whenever possible. Specify these shipping preferences when placing your order on the "Add a note to order" screen and selecting a safe place to leave your package.

We ask that you respect the people who are working for you and take the least possible risks ;)

For any questions regarding this you can contact us via email:

To find out the latest updates on information and recommendations in relation to Covid-19, consult the updates from the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya or the updates from the State Government. If you want information about Covid-19, we recommend the Hospital Clínic Barcelona website, where you will find valuable information in this regard.

Thank you very much for collaborating and for buying our products!